SICK and Aicadium Announce Partnership to Deliver AI-powered Industrial Computer Vision Solutions to Singapore and Southeast Asia

SICK and Aicadium partnership

Advanced sensors and cutting-edge artificial intelligence address the most difficult visual inspection problems. May 2, 2024 – Singapore – In a significant development for the industrial sensor and artificial intelligence sectors, SICK, a leading solutions provider for sensor-based industrial applications, and Aicadium, a global technology company specializing in AI-powered computer vision products, have announced a … Read more

Aicadium partners with SIAEC to enhance aviation maintenance with Artificial Intelligence

AI-powered Computer Vision is rapidly gaining prominence in the aviation industry, where precision, accuracy, and safety are of utmost importance. As more airlines and airports embrace this technology, they revolutionise their operations, bringing about transformative changes, and significantly enhancing safety measures for workers and passengers alike. The convergence of computer vision, robotics, and automation is … Read more

Aicadium and ItsRainingRaincoats Provide Safety Shoes for Migrant Workers

Enterprise AI application provider demonstrates a commitment to workplace safety in honor of World Day for Safety and Health at Work Aicadium, a Singapore-based provider of AI-driven computer vision enterprise applications, today announced they are partnering with ItsRainingRaincoats (IRR), an initiative that aims to improve the lives of migrant workers in Singapore, to provide safety … Read more

GovInsider Interviews Chia Song Hwee, Deputy CEO, Temasek

Author Sean Nolan examines how Singapore is investing in the future with AI and blockchain. Highlighting Aicadium and Affindi, Chia explains that Temasek sees the development of AI and blockchain ventures as a long-term project. As compared to investing in external businesses, developing its own companies enables Temasek to be more patient as profitability grows … Read more

Why Temasek is Building AI Startups Like Aicadium

If you’ve ever wondered why Temasek is investing in responsible AI and launching companies like Aicadium, this article gives a great overview. And it’s fantastic to see Ren Yeong Sng highlighted for his hard work bringing this vision together. Genevieve Chan of The Straits Times explores, “Why Temasek is Building its Own Startups“