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people thrive, supporting the planet’s sustainability, and driving multi-generational prosperity. We build products for industrial computer vision to deliver the power of AI where it has previously been out of reach.

Tap into the power of AI to uncover what you know and, perhaps… even more importantly, what you don’t know about your business.

Aicadium View is a computer vision product family that uses camera infrastructure to detect visuals, objects, and actions in videos and images to provide workplace insights that create better products and safer, more productive industrial environments.

Our AI integrates seamlessly with daily work routines

Featured use cases

workplace safety

A leading aviation services provider uses Aicadium’s computer vision technology to ensure employee safety in airplane hangars.
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Aicadium is helping
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A global sustainable resources company needed an efficient way to inspect trees for disease across a vast plantation.
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asset inspection

Aicadium partners with a leading aviation services provider to operationalise AI in aviation equipment maintenance activities.
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