We’re changing the world
by creating AI that matters

We’re changing the world
by creating AI that matters

We improve business outcomes while helping people thrive and supporting sustainability.

With our products for industrial computer vision, we drive multi-generational prosperity by delivering the power of AI where it was previously out of reach.

Industrial Computer Vision AI

With applications for visual inspection, safety, and productivity, Aicadium View™ is an AI for computer vision product family that uses camera infrastructure to detect objects and actions in videos and images to provide workplace insights that create better products and safer, more productive industrial environments.

The power of our AI integrates seamlessly with daily work routines and uncovers what you know and even more importantly, what you don’t know about your business.

Our computer vision products


Proactively improve safety programs, identifying potential hazards early on, and preventing incidents before they happen.
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Aicadium is helping
customers innovate
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Empower your business with insights to ensure an organised and efficient flow of people, materials, and equipment.
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visual inspection

Ensure quality control in manufacturing, logistics, MRO, and similar environments.
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Read the latest news about how we deliver game-changing, AI-powered industrial computer vision to the workplace.


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