Your LEAN transformation in one view

Your LEAN transformation in one view


Aicadium View™ is AI-powered computer vision for productivity. It empowers business analysts with insights to ensure an organised and efficient flow of people, materials, and equipment in industrial spaces. It is offered as AI-as-a-Service (AIaaS) and designed to integrate seamlessly with your work tech stack.

How it works

We start by evaluating and integrating your existing camera infrastructure. Or if you’re thinking about adding cameras, we can start there too.

We set up tracking for the environments, items, movements, and patterns of interest. Then add a little AI magic.

We provide you with 24/7 coverage and insights. You get quality control, alerts of potentially unsafe conditions, and work improvement opportunities.

Core AI features for productivity

Our core AI provides features that will help organisations with their LEAN transformation, optimising production lines while minimising waste and maximising value to their customers.

people flow

Analyse people flows to
optimise operations to
maximise work output


Help workers do their job
better with an extra set
of eyes that will
increase quality


Track and measure
activity in work zones to
boost business uptime


Get a holistic view of work zones to plan future layouts and ensure employee safety and efficiency


Automate tedious tasks to streamline workflows and increase output

dynamic review

Investigate past incidents
with intelligent
AI-powered search

Why productivity matters

Boosting productivity profoundly impacts workforce morale while enabling organisations to enhance profitability, competitiveness, and innovation.

In high-speed environments, employees encounter numerous obstacles, including distractions and fatigue. These elements can potentially lead to the oversight of asset defects, anomalies, and other issues.

AI that integrates
seamlessly with
daily work routines

Achieve balance
between efficiency,
worker satisfaction,
and profitability with computer vision AI

3 min

the avg time between worker distractions

Industrial Computer Vision AI


of workers
say stress


increase in
when employees
are engaged

Who we work with

Cost efficiency, employee satisfaction, and capacity utilisation are essential for a profitable organisation to stay competitive, making productivity all the more important. By applying ethical AI, we empower individuals and teams in various industries by providing practical and impactful computer vision solutions.

Leading aircraft MRO company uses Aicadium View to boost productivity

The base maintenance team uses a manual clock-in and clock-out system to track time spent on maintenance tasks — a method susceptible to human error. The system goal is to gain insights into the actual time spent on each maintenance zone for each job (touch time) to improve maintenance planning and increase hangar utilization. Using their existing camera infrastructure, we deployed our computer vision AI to provide a tailored solution that showcases trend data on time spent in work zones, expended people hours, and more.

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