View it better. Make it stronger. Do it faster.

View it better. Make it stronger. Do it faster.

Visual inspection

Aicadium View™ is AI-powered computer vision for visual inspection that empowers product line operators and quality assurance professionals to ensure quality control in manufacturing, logistics, warehouse, and similar environments. It is offered as AI-as-a-Service (AIaaS) and designed to integrate seamlessly with your work tech stack.

How it works

We start by evaluating and integrating your existing camera infrastructure. Or if you’re thinking about adding cameras, we can start there too.

We set up tracking for the environments, items, movements, and patterns of interest. Then add a little AI magic.

We provide you with 24/7 coverage and insights. You get quality control, alerts of potentially unsafe conditions, and work improvement opportunities.

Core AI features for visual inspection

Our core AI provides features that will reduce the time and cost it takes for quality control endeavours helping organisations optimise work and maximise effort without sacrificing employee safety.

robotic arm

we integrate with
photo-taking robotic
arms to increase asset
inspection accuracy


help workers do their job
better with an extra set
of eyes that will
increase quality

process inspection

flag defective items
instantly before they move
on to the next stage

Why visual inspection matters

Investing in AI for visual inspection is a strategic move that positively impacts production quality and yield.

In a fast-paced setting, human inspectors face challenges in keeping up and experience distractions or fatigue. These factors can potentially result in the overlooking of defects, anomalies, and other issues.

AI that integrates
seamlessly with
daily work routines

Bridge the gaps between quality, efficiency, and profitability with computer vision AI

3 min

the avg time between worker distractions

Industrial Computer Vision AI


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Who we work with

Accurate, efficient, and reliable visual inspection is essential for maintaining a compliant and safe operation. Using ethical AI, we make computer vision AI practical and impactful for individuals and teams in various industries.

Quality assurance for industrial kitchens

Aicadium View assists with the manual quality checks required during meal preparation and packing. Large-scale commercial kitchens are typically found in hotels, hospitals, schools, prisons, and other institutions requiring large quantities of food to be prepared and served quickly. Airlines rely on commercial kitchen facilities to craft thousands of daily delectable meals for their passengers while meeting stringent kitchen guidelines and security protocols. Read our recent article, “A Day in the Life of AI: Transforming Industrial Kitchens.”

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