Aicadium partners with SIAEC to enhance aviation maintenance with Artificial Intelligence


AI-powered Computer Vision is rapidly gaining prominence in the aviation industry, where precision, accuracy, and safety are of utmost importance. As more airlines and airports embrace this technology, they revolutionise their operations, bringing about transformative changes, and significantly enhancing safety measures for workers and passengers alike.

The convergence of computer vision, robotics, and automation is playing a pivotal role by enabling more efficient, accurate, and intelligent processes. It offers immense potential for growth, productivity, and innovation across multiple sectors, fostering a future driven by advanced technology.

In May 2023, Aicadium partnered with SIA Engineering Company (SIAEC) to elevate aviation maintenance by implementing AI and robotic automation solutions for aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO). We had the privilege of participating in the launch of SIAEC’s Continuous Improvement Journey (CIJ), a transformative initiative to embrace technological advancements in the MRO sector.

Aicadium was honoured to contribute to this journey by providing a key piece of AI technology to be featured as part of the demo, held at Changi Airport Terminal 1, providing guests with a sneak peek into the future of aircraft maintenance. In this blog post, we offer insights into the highlights of the day and delve into the impact of our collaborative partnership with SIAEC.

Embracing Technological Advancements in Aviation Maintenance

The event commenced with a keynote address by the Minister of Transport, who emphasised the critical role of technology and digitalisation in overcoming industry constraints, enhancing productivity, and boosting competitiveness.

The Role of AI-powered computer vision in identifying discrepancies








During the demo, a SIAEC representative showcased a robotic arm that swiftly captured approximately 150 photos of the engine that are typically time-consuming for human technicians to capture. Integrating Aicadium’s AI Technology, Aicadium View, the robotic arm was able to identify discrepancies in the engine’s installed components while accurately detecting defects. This automated approach proved highly efficient and time-saving, transforming the way inspections are conducted.

Tangible Benefits of Aicadium’s AI-Powered Solution


SIAEC highlighted the advantages of implementing Aicadium View for engine inspection. Through the adoption of our technology, SIAEC projects a significant annual saving of at least 360 man-hours, leading to improved productivity while enabling technicians to concentrate on more complex tasks. Additionally, the partnership with Aicadium facilitates consistent quality checks and streamlined inventory management, granting SIAEC a competitive advantage in the dynamic MRO industry.

The Future of Automation and AI in Aviation

The successful integration of automation and advanced AI solutions demonstrated that the industry’s future lies in embracing these transformative technologies. By leveraging AI-powered tools like Aicadium View, aircraft maintenance processes can be significantly streamlined, inefficiencies minimised, and the overall safety and performance of aircraft enhanced. The impartiality of AI further positions it as an ideal tool for inspectors, revolutionising the industry and paving the way for an innovative and technologically advanced aviation ecosystem.

As technology continues to advance, we can anticipate a deeper integration of automation and computer vision AI across various aspects of the industry. Aicadium is excited to be at the forefront of this technological evolution, actively shaping the future of aviation with our expertise and solutions.

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