Make data-driven decisions
with Aicadium View

Make data-driven decisions
with Aicadium View

Aicadium View is a computer vision AI product family. The tools available in Aicadium View detect  objects and actions in videos and images to provide workplace insights that create better products and safer, more productive industrial environments.

What we do

Investing in health and safety is a strategic move that has long-term ramifications.

Taking proactive steps to improve workplace
environments and practices leads to more committed employees while simultaneously increasing your business’ efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

AI that integrates
seamlessly with
daily work routines

Bridge the gaps between quality, safety, and productivity with computer vision AI


of workers
don’t feel
their safety
is valued

Industrial Computer Vision AI


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How it works

We start by evaluating and integrating your existing camera infrastructure. Or if you’re thinking about adding cameras, we can start there too.

We set up tracking for the environments, items, movements, and patterns of interest. Then add a little AI magic.

We provide you with 24/7 coverage and insights. You get quality control, alerts of potentially unsafe conditions, and work improvement opportunities.

Core AI capabilities

Our core AI covers the industrial workplace gamut with capabilities for safety, productivity, and inspection.

ppe detection

Aicadium View quickly
detects missing helmets,
shoes, and masks

people flow

analyze people flows to
optimise operations to
maximise work output

visual inspection

help workers do their
job better with an extra
set of eyes that will
increase quality

heights detection

know when accident
risks increase indifferent
work zones

tool tracking

track work zone tools
to ensure they’re always
placed in optimal locations

robotic arm

automate manual photo
taking to increase asset
inspection accuracy

spill detection

instantly alert workers of
unsafe areas to avoid
slips, trips, and falls

floorplan optimization

track and measure
activity in work zones to
boost business uptime

process inspection

flag defective items
instantly before they
move on to the next stage

Create proactive
safety-driven work cultures

Aicadium View integrates seamlessly with everyday work routines to create safety-driven cultures that drive productivity, increase safety policy know-how, and boost business uptime.

Automate quality
control processes

Quality control is necessary for every industry, impacting businesses’ bottom lines. Aicadium View gives your team the tools they need to exceed company goals.

Make data-driven decisions

Get a holistic view of all the pieces that make your business run to uncover areas of opportunity. Aicadium View gives you the data you need to plan proactively.

Who we work with

Everyone has the right to feel safe, seen, and successful. Driven by our passion for using ethical AI, we make computer vision AI accessible, practical, and impactful for individuals and teams in a variety of industries.

Maintenance, repair, and overhaul services (MRO)

MRO services are indispensable for any industry that relies on machinery to run smoothly. The aviation industry depends on MRO inspections to guarantee that all aircraft can take flight. To ensure that each aircraft functions properly and safely, meticulous protocols must be followed. Aicadium View helped in the following areas:

Induction and dispatch engine inspection
Personal protective equipment (PPE) detection
People counting in maintenance zones

Industrial kitchens

Aicadium View assists with the manual quality checks required during meal preparation and packing. Large-scale commercial kitchens are typically found in hotels, hospitals, schools, prisons, and other institutions requiring large quantities of food to be prepared and served quickly. Airlines rely on commercial kitchen facilities to craft thousands of daily delectable meals for their passengers while meeting stringent kitchen guidelines and security protocols.

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