Tertiary Colours

Forward Fuselage
Blue 400 #5E9AC9
C66 M30 Y7 K0
R94 G154 B201

Aft Fuselage
Grey 400 #94989E
C45 M30 Y30 K10
R148 G152 B158

Left Wing
Pink 400 #BA5E9C
C30 M74 Y5 K0
R186 G94 B156

Right Wing
Gold 400 #DDA552
C13 M37 Y75 K0
R221 G165 B82

Left Engine
Indigo 400 #7580D7
C62 M50 Y0 K0
R117 G128 B215

Right Engine
Violet 400 #866BBD
C57 M63 Y0 K0
R134 G107 B189

Cabin Orange 400 #DD8052
C10 M57 Y60 K0
R221 G128 B82

Turquoise 400 #37C6E2
C65 M0 Y13 K0
R69 G190 B219

Landing Gear
Red 400 #CE5555
C15 M77 Y60 K0
R206 G85 B85

aicadium graph green
C83 M15 Y83 K2
R33 G153 B96

aicadium graph red
C35 M83 Y36 K7
R163 G77 B111

aicadium graph blue
C75 M38 Y0 K0
R62 G138 B199

aicadium graph purple
C61 M79 Y0 K0
R120 G85 B160

aicadium graph pink
C0 M63 Y5 K0
R247 G131 B172

aicadium graph cyan
C51 M0 Y11 K0
R107 G217 B232

aicadium graph indigo
C42 M32 Y0 K0
R145 G167 B255

aicadium active copy
C60 M51 Y51 K20
R102 G102 B102

aicadium inactive copy
C45 M36 Y35 K1
R148 G149 B152

aicadium slider gray
C14 M10 Y11 K0
R217 G217 B217

Monospaced Font

Roboto Mono

Roboto Mono

Roboto Mono

Roboto Mono

Roboto Mono

Roboto Mono

Roboto Mono

monospaced font

Roboto Mono is our monospaced font. Use this font only when presenting lines of code in presentations.

If you don’t have Roboto Mono, you can find it by Googling: Roboto Mono Google font download
it can be downloaded at this link: