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Aicadium partners with a leading aviation services provider to operationalise AI in aviation equipment maintenance activities​


A leading aviation services provider wanted to use computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI) to reduce the manual tasks that engineers and technicians do today, increasing productivity as well as overall service quality as processes are further streamlined.


Autonomous robots standardise the data acquisition of videos and images on the condition of the aviation equipment. This data is then fed to the Aicadium AI platform to be analyzed automatically for missing parts or defects. 

With computer vision, we can:

  • Detect anomalies in the photos
  • Create alerts and tasks from those anomalies
  • Serve as a second pair of eyes for engineers
  • Improve quality assurance


The solution has freed up time for engineers and technicians to work on the actual maintenance of the equipment. More importantly, Aicadium’s partner now has a standardised approach toward data management and operationalising the training, deployment, and assessment of its AI models.

Computer vision increases safety in industrial settings, improve productivity and service quality for MRO engineers, and ensure compliance

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