AI regulation is here: what does it mean for businesses?

In April 2021, the European Union Commission has once again planted its flag on advancing AI development in a trustworthy manner with its Proposal for a Regulation on a European approach for Artificial Intelligence.  Since 2018, the Commission has been carrying out extensive stakeholder consultation to discuss the vision for AI in Europe, and what trustworthy … Read more

BasisAI open sources Boxkite model observability to understand behaviour of AI in production

Open source tool increases efficiency and reduces risks associated with AI use by enterprises Singapore and Bristol, May 11, 2021 – BasisAI, in collaboration with MLOps Consulting, have released a new open source machine learning (ML) monitoring library, Boxkite, to help organisations easily monitor and understand the behaviour of ML models once they are deployed into … Read more

Introducing Boxkite: open source model observability for MLOps teams

So you’re putting machine learning (ML) models into production, but how do you know how they behave when exposed to production data? Most teams start by monitoring their ML models just like regular software microservices: looking at latencies and error rates. And while latency and error rates is necessary for understanding model behaviour in production, … Read more

Back To Basis: Restoring Trust In AI

From viral filters to suspiciously specific—though convenient—search recommendations, artificial intelligence (AI) underpins just about every action we take on social media today. Similar to other successful modern technologies like smartphones and the internet, AI has become ubiquitous—almost to the point of invisibility. This article first appeared on Asian Scientist Magazine.  For tech behemoths like Facebook and Google, … Read more

3 AI trends we’re seeing within Financial Services

Going digital and harnessing data are now widely acknowledged as strategic differentiators for the financial services industry. Many financial services institutions are turning to machine learning and artificial intelligence to accelerate and augment their business models.  In conversations with bank executives, a common concern we hear is: How do I capture real world benefits of … Read more

BasisAI builds foundational machine learning capability for ComfortDelGro’s newly-launched lifestyle and mobility app, Zig

Bedrock platform provides the foundational layer for the organisation’s data-led initiatives Singapore, March 24, 2021 – Artificial intelligence (AI) software provider, BasisAI, announced their data-led contributions to land transport giant ComfortDelGro’s newly-launched lifestyle and mobility app, Zig. BasisAI, who specialises in rapidly scalable AI systems, collaborated with R/GA Singapore, an innovation consulting company with a strong … Read more

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