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Trade finance subsidiary of a global financial services company uses AI to score and price assets then match them to investors


The subsidiary of a multinational banking and financial services organisation has a trade asset and origination platform that matches investors of different risk appetites with SMEs in emerging markets that are seeking trade financing for manufactured goods and commodities.  It needed a dynamic and intelligent way of scoring the creditworthiness of assets then price them for potential financiers.


Aicadium embeds AI engines in the company’s asset matching platform.  An asset scoring engine assigns default-risk scores to baskets of assets listed on the platform, enabling investors to find those which match their risk appetites.  A dynamic pricing engine determines the yield that investors earn for each asset basket, taking into account macroeconomic data, data on alternative investments etc.


With the AI engines performing a fundamental role, the platform successfully facilitates transactions, enabling the day to day functioning of the company and optimising its profitability.

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