Case Study

A regional bank uses Aicadium’s anti-fraud AI to detect potential scam victims in real-time and prevent loss of funds


Across Singapore, S$200M was lost to scammers in 2020. Our client bank’s customers were falling victim to such callers instructing them to wire out funds. Customer confidence and thus retention was affected.

The bank sought to predict the likelihood of a customer being scammed and intervene before transactions were processed.


The bank uses Aicadium’s anti-fraud AI model, which predicts which customers are most vulnerable to fraud, enabling the call center to intervene and contact customers first before the fraudulent transactions go through.

The model is trained to target an older demographic of customers, deemed most vulnerable to scam, and will be able to grow to include other segments of customers in the future.


The anti-fraud model has reduced losses for the bank’s customers and has improved consumer confidence, knowing that steps are being taken to care for them and detect scams before it is too late.

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