Case Study

A public sector food agency uses Aicadium’s computer vision solution to empower fish farmers to detect rotifers and enhance food production


A government food agency wanted to provide a way to detect rotifer for the fish farming community. Rotifers are small zooplankton used in aquaculture as food for fish larvae, and an increased volume will enable the farmers to better their live feed production methods.


The agency provides an AI-powered rotifer detection engine that is accessed online via their website. Farmers simply have to upload an image of the rotifer cultures and the engine counts the number of rotifers in the sample. The engine was developed by Aicadium using customized computer vision object detection modelling. The engine could be retrained in the future to detect other species like artemia, shrimp and fish.


Users are now able to get an instantaneous response on how much rotifer there is in their samples, which is critical for food quality and production.

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