Case Study

A non-bank financial services player uses Aicadium’s credit scoring engine to enable dynamic decisioning on loans for individuals and companies


In the Philippines, a large segment of the population is unbanked. A major telco launched a financial services subsidiary to address the market gap starting with e-wallets.

It recently introduced loan products for merchants and consumers and sought to use AI to enable data-driven loan decisions.


AI credit scoring engines to drive dynamic loan decisioning (pass/fail, risk-based interest rate), with different AI credit scoring engines for remittance agent, micro/small/medium enterprises (MSMEs), unbanked consumer segments.

First-party data was blended with alternative data sets (e.g. from the telco partner), for a more holistic view of each person / company.


The solution enables the loans provider to make data driven credit risk assessments to minimize downside risks of issuing loans, whilst Bedrock’s fairness audit features allowed the team to prevent unintended bias (e.g. gender) from creeping into the engines.

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