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A leading aviation services provider uses Aicadium’s computer vision technology to ensure the safety of its employees in airplane hangars


A leading aviation services provider currently operates a large-scale industrial facility that is equipped with numerous cameras. These cameras are only used for facility security, and the vast majority of video footage is never used or viewed. When the company first began working with analytics providers to detect workplace safety or productivity measurements, traditional approaches frequently failed because they were unable to learn the context of a detection. 


Aicadium’s solution brings value to industrial companies already invested in visual technology infrastructure cameras. We generate insights on workplace safety and productivity by leveraging AI on petabytes of recorded footage to create a database of searchable moments.

Our solution gives customers risk-avoidance benefits while also uncovering areas that can address revenue-generating opportunities, such as:

  • Counting people-hours spent on the floor
  • Detecting whether people on the scene are wearing necessary safety gear (helmets, vests, gloves, and safety boots)
  • Counting the number of people on the scene
  • Detecting hazardous areas on the scene


Aicadium’s AI-powered 24/7 autonomous safety audits assist the Environment, Health, Services (EHS) team by providing data-driven insights into operations safety. The EHS team is now more effective at tracking and measuring corporate workplace safety outcomes using data. ​

Aicadium's solution provides insight and analytics to improve productivity and efficiency while ensuring the safety and compliance of employees

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