Launch of Aicadium, a Global Centre of Excellence in AI Technologies and Solutions Founded by Temasek

Singapore and San Diego, CA, 12 August 2021Aicadium, a global AI Centre of Excellence, was launched today to empower companies to achieve better business outcomes through the adoption and delivery of AI technologies and solutions. Founded by Temasek, a global investment firm headquartered in Singapore, Aicadium will leverage a common machine learning platform to deliver AI-as-a-Service from discovery to deployment. Based in Singapore and San Diego, CA, Aicadium’s management, data scientists, software and solutions engineers are being assembled with the guidance of Michael Zeller, Head of AI Strategy & Solutions at Temasek. 

Aicadium aims to fulfill a need shared by Temasek’s global network of portfolio companies and others seeking to improve their business outcomes using artificial intelligence. However, these companies are typically faced with significant barriers to achieving operational AI within their organisations.  Among others, these barriers include difficulty in identifying or quantifying realistic use cases, lack of understanding of the array of algorithms, models, and tools available in the market, and the need to acquire scientists and engineers that can apply those tools effectively to their particular business problem.

“Temasek is committed to driving digital transformation across its portfolio,” said Michael Zeller. “We recognise that in order to meet the global challenges we will face in the coming years, companies across industries need to be efficient, sustainable, and growth oriented, often in exponential ways. Tapping into the vast data sets and business opportunities within the Temasek ecosystem, we see opportunities for Aicadium to provide the end-to-end AI solutions to meet these challenges.”

Aicadium employs a development model that is based on deep engagement and collaboration with organisations to define specific use cases that can provide solutions to business challenges. Based on those use cases, the Aicadium team develops a solution by applying their platform of industry-proven AI tools to use case-specific data. The fully optimised AI solution can then be applied at scale, achieving maximum business value for the organisation.

With its global team of scientists and engineers, what sets Aicadium apart is the repeatable and scalable process that takes advantage of a platform of AI algorithms, models, and tools. This approach provides customers with novel high-quality, low-risk solutions to difficult problems such as predictive maintenance, computer vision-driven quality assurance and employee safety, or highly accurate Natural Language Processing across languages and scenarios.

Paramount to Aicadium’s identity as a global AI solutions provider is the delivery of not just better business outcomes, but also AI solutions that are responsibly and ethically designed, developed, and deployed. This includes incorporating the trust and governance necessary to pass the scrutiny of corporate boards of directors, external regulatory bodies and increasingly, the wider community, in order to help shape a better world.

“Artificial Intelligence has a key role to play in enabling our portfolio and talent to be resilient, as well as ready to seize future opportunities and growth. Initiatives like Aicadium are how we deploy our capital to catalyse novel solutions to transform businesses and further social impact,” Zeller said.

Meet Aicadium at KDD 2021

As a silver sponsor of the KDD 2021 Data Science Conference August 14-18, the largest and longest-running data mining conference globally, Aicadium will be available to meet with data scientists and engineers who would like to join their growing team. For more information about KDD 2021 and to register, visit

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